There is nothing more annoying than breaking a key inside a lock and not being able to get it out. If this does happen, then don’t worry. We can remove broken keys from all types of locks. In most cases we can also save the lock allowing you to be able to use any other keys that you may have.

Our key extraction service will be ideal if the lock in questions is to the communal door of an apartment block. Other people will need to use the door, so extracting the key has to be the only option.

Broken Key Extraction Locksmith

Once we removed the broken key we may be able to cut a spare for you. We offer our mobile key cutting service straight from our work van, so if we have the correct key blank in stock then this will be possible.

Please do not be tempted to glue the key back together. This will not work. Also, do not attempt to extract the key yourself, it could end up costing you more.