We can assist you by coming to your home or you place of business in Kent and cutting you a spare safe key. With any safe key, we will always ensure that they fit properly by cutting them by hand otherwise the key could damage the safe lock.

Our mobile key cutting service can be carried out in the back of our van. We have the correct tools and equipment and can complete this service within the day.

Mobile Key Cutting

Emergency Safe Opening

We open and repair most safes, vaults, ATMS and secure containers day or night, you may of lost keys or combinations or have a lock fault, you may discover your key or code may be unlocking but the door handle may not turn then not allowing access into your safe generally caused by lack of servicing setting off internal auxiliary locks that are randomly positioned in the safe door or the lock itself, we have the ability to find these, in most cases these have to be drilled, with the construction of high grade safes these are protected by string and glass if these are cut or broken when drilling these can set off more hidden locks in the door.

Broken Safe Key

If you have a broken safe key and the safe is locked then we can use our key cutting service to cut a new key or a make-up for you so the safe can be opened. Our Safe engineers would then recommend you have the lock changed as you only have one key which means no one else can get into the safe.

Changing Safe Code

We visit your site and assist you in changing the code on manual or digital safe locks, add/delete a user, change the time delay or opening window on most safe locks.

Auto Locksmith

We offer emergency car opening service to retrieve keys in some cases where there is no lock on the boot or rear of the van we can open some boots and rear of vans where no lock is fitted.